As more tools become available, businesses now have many options that cover all their telecom needs for phone, internet, and data services. Organizations normally use different vendors for every type of service but experience major complications with juggling contracts, paying multiple invoices, and system compatibility issues. It’s easy to eliminate these issues by switching to a single provider that offers phone, internet, and data services for businesses


Take the example of a car. The strength and durability of the machine comes from its materials, and each one works together to create a reliable and stable structure. The builders meticulously tested different types of materials to make sure they worked together with everything else in the frame, and the same applies to a multi-service provider. Their products work seamlessly together to offer a comprehensive telecom system for businesses that’s simple, convenient, and cost-effective with the following benefits.

Benefits of a Single Provider

1. Spend Less Money


Who doesn’t want to save money, right? Businesses can save lots of it by “bundling” all their services to a single provider. Consolidation means lower costs and more freedom to pay exactly what you need for services. You can accrue savings over time by selecting and managing your services with one vendor and having one single point of contact for everything.

2. Network Security


Networks that include multiple vendors offer major risks for businesses. If there’s an issue, having multiple vendor services makes it difficult to pinpoint vulnerabilities and creates potential delays in risk identification and protection. The fewer vendors you rely on makes it easier to isolate the problem. You’ll stop wondering which vendor or product caused the issue and spend more time finding a solution to fix it.

3. Superior Customer Support


Ideally, businesses should never worry about issues with their phone, internet, or data services. If issues do arise, it’s important for businesses to restore their service as soon as possible in order to continue operations. Handling all your service support through a single vendor provides more access to the entire network, determines issues easier, and make adjustments faster compared to pointing fingers between multiple vendors. Working with one vendor also offers the potential to form a stronger relationship where they can better understand your network and offer the best solutions for your needs.

4. Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity


Having multiple providers is very difficult because employees have to jump hoops between services and support. Streamlining telecom services with one provider makes it easier to complete tasks without any time wasted because all the important tools – phones, e-mail, instant messaging – are synced together for a better communication experience. Also, integrated solutions makes it easier to onboard and train your employees on the solution’s tools and capabilities.

5. Easy Setup and Upgrades


Set-ups are an absolute nightmare when you have multiple vendors. Every vendor has their own configuration standards that create issues when working together for system compatibility. These changes to your network lead to issues that are difficult to target and resolve quickly. A single provider provides easy set-up and migration with little-to-no effort on your side, and there’s little downtime during the process. The provider also identifies any updates needed across the whole solution and does them automatically.

6. Powerful Cloud-Based System


Single service vendors host all of these services in powerful, reliable cloud-based system that’s extremely secure and easy to access. For example, Servpac offers businesses full capabilities to manage their communications networks on a cloud server. Through a central portal, they can analyze call logs, create custom reports, and even access their important backup data. This provides an easy solution and seamless experience with room for customization or expansion of features.

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Businesses will benefit immediately from integrating their phone, internet, and data communications to a single provider. Multi-service providers offer state-of-the-art services and tools that dramatically improve security, convenience, reliability, and costs for businesses. For Servpac, we offer easy integration of VoIP, high speed internet, and cloud data storage into a seamless system that even nontechnical people can use to improve their business. All services come with 24/7 support from local engineers. We understand that every situation is different, so give us a call or request a free consultation from one of our experts today for more info.

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Servpac is Hawaii’s Cloud Solution. Started in 2004, Servpac has evolved from a telecommunications provider, to an all-in-one cloud-based technology solution for Hawaii businesses. Our suite of services range from cloud computing, data colocation, managed services, dedicated fiber internet and VoIP phone solutions. We focus on providing premium customer service and deliver world-class solutions that transform Hawaii’s technology landscape.