Servpac’s enterprise solutions

Greater efficiency. Lower costs.

Servpac’s enterprise solutions integrate VOIP business phones, high speed Internet, and secure Cloud Computing into a single, seamless, reliable system that Hawaii organizations can use to increase efficiency and lower costs.

More for less

Our enterprise solutions start with Hawaii’s best telecom services: multi-featured VOIP phones; high speed, symmetrically designed, Internet connections maintained on a private network; and secure Cloud Computing delivered from a local, next-generation Cloud Center. No other VOIP vendor in Hawaii has its own phone and Internet system. Next we customize our offerings to fit the particular needs of each customer. Most telecom vendors offer only a one-size-fits-all approach. And finally, we manage our technology through a unified platform and support it with professional customer service.

The benefits are obvious and immediate. Organizations with multiple telecommunications vendors save time and money by having a single source for technical expertise and customer service. Companies with slow, unreliable, Internet connections enjoy the full benefits of VOIP phone and Cloud Computing. Local businesses have a local partner offering technology unsurpassed on the mainland.

Servpac’s enterprise solutions increase efficiency while lowering costs. Please call us today at 808-237-5000 or email us for details.