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One Provider, Multiple Solutions

Business VoIP Phone System Tailored For You

Business VoIP phone Solutions tailored for you

Saving cost and improving your operations efficiency with Servpac’s flexible and full featured business VoIP phone system in Hawaii.

Designed for businesses of all sizes, your calls are always clear, reliable and secure because we’re the only VoIP provider in Hawaii with our own fiber Internet to carry all your voice traffic.

With hundreds of features to choose from, your Hawaii phone system is future proof. Whether you need voicemail, voicemail to email, auto attendant or advanced ACD queue, our system has it all in a cloud based system.

There is no expensive phone equipment to buy, maintain, or move. We handle everything from the system and phone lines to maintenance and support.

VoIP Phone Benefits

Flexible and future proof

Flexible and Future Proof

Hundreds of features to match users from any other legacy and VoIP systems. No need to worry about buying the system without the features you need.

Quality Guaranteed

Quality Guaranteed

Multiple system redundancy in secured facilities linked via Servpac’s VoIP optimized fiber network. Never leave our network to get an internet connection.

One single vendor

One Single Vendor

All your phone needs are taken care of by us. No more finger pointing from phone vendors, maintenance companies and Hawaii phone service providers.

Superior Customer Service

Superior Customer Service

Your Hawaii phone services are supported by our locally trained engineers 24x7x365.  Our own technicians are always available when needed.

VoIP Phone Features

All VoIP phone advanced features are included at no additional charge.

You can enable or disable features any time.

VoIP Phone Features


Keep your existing phone numbers and add DID numbers any time

VoIP Phone Features


Conference calls with your team, customers or vendors any time

VoIP Phone Features


Advanced voicemail with individual mailbox and forwarding to emails

VoIP Phone Features


Multiple phone models to choose from, including desktop and mobile apps

VoIP Phone Features


Flexible call routing, reachable from office phone, mobile app, or IP phone at home, your choice!

VoIP Phone Features


E-Fax with both receiving and sending securely from anywhere with and without a fax machine

VoIP Phone Features


Auto Attendant to ensure every call is answered, during and after office hours

VoIP Phone Features


Contact Center with data analytics such as call volume, duration and abandon rate 

Advanced Call Routing

With Servpac, you have the ability to set up automatic call routing. For instance, every Wednesday you go to a meeting from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm and would like your office calls to be forwarded to your cellular phone. After the profile is set up, you never have to worry about it again. The calls will be sent to your cellular phone during the designated time. The rest of the day the calls will go to your office phone.

Blocking Caller ID

Servpac’s features allow you to selectively block and unblock per call or you can have your caller ID permanently blocked. When your caller ID is blocked, the party you are calling will not be able to see the number from which you are calling.

Buddy Watch

If you need to see who is on the phone at any given time, Servpac’s features enable you to determine this by looking at your phone. When one of your buddies is on a call, a red light will appear next to that person’s name. This allows you to decide how to handle the call: you can take a message, transfer the call to voicemail, or see if another individual can assist the caller.

Call Center ACD

Servpac’s call center ACD is a service that allows all callers to go into a queue and have the agents retrieve them in the order that the call is received. For example, when an agent is finished with his current call, he will be sent the next caller who is waiting. This is a great solution for customer service companies who want to answer all the calls in a timely and efficient manner. Furthermore, the call center manager can monitor all the calls and listen to the agents speaking to the customers. This is beneficial for training purposes.

Call Park

Call park allows you to put a call on hold that can be picked up by any phone. It is extremely useful when you want to transfer a call but do not know where the recipient is. The person picking up the parked call does not have to be at the same site as the person parking the call.

Call Recording Capability

With Servpac’s service, you have the ability to record your calls. Then, you can log into the web interface to view and play your recorded calls.

Call transfer to internal or external line including mobile

When transferring a call, you can choose whether or not you want to announce the caller to the person receiving the transfer. Plus, you may transfer the call to people outside of your system; e.g. to someone’s cellular phone.

Caller ID With Name And Number

When a call rings your phone, you are presented with the name of the person making the call. If a caller’s name is not available, you will see the caller’s number. You can program your phone to automatically send calls with no caller-id to voicemail.

Conference Bridges

If you need a conference call with more than three callers, Servpac’s service allows you to create a conference bridge. Conference bridges can be set up at any time and for any specified date and time; e.g. set it up 4 days before the conference call so you don’t forget. Furthermore, the confirmation and the call-in instructions can be sent via email.

Current Telephone Number

With Servpac, you can keep the same numbers. If you ever need more numbers, you can get them from Servpac.

Detailed Call Reports

The telephone keeps lists of your received calls, placed calls, and missed calls. Each list contains the last 100 numbers. You are able to delete entries if needed. This solves the problem of wanting to call someone back when you don’t remember the exact phone number, but might recognize it. Once you find the number, push one button; and you will be connected.

Dial From Outlook

Servpac gives you the ability to dial any contact’s number with one click of the mouse by going to Microsoft Outlook address book. Your computer will start dialing your office phone so you don’t have to worry about misdialing the phone number. Additionally, Outlook can create a journal entry while you are on the call.

Distinctive Ringing

You can program your phone to have a different ring tone for different lines. For example, your personal extension can have one type of ring tone, while the Main Line has a different type of ring tone.

Easy To Change Profiles

Servpac offers you the ability to change your current profile on the web, e.g. changing your profile from ringing your office phone to forwarding all calls to your cellular phone.

Extended Absence/Vacation Greetings And Profiles

When you are going to be away from your phone for an extended period of time, it is good to change your voicemail greeting to let callers know of your absence and then change the greeting back when you return. With Servpac, the process is simple: simply log into your mailbox and record a new greeting number, then activate it before you go on an extended absence, and then reactivate your normal greeting when you return. Alternatively, you can setup holiday profiles so that your calls are always directed the way you want them to, and you can automatically turn these profiles on and off via our specialized profile calendars.

Group Pickup

Group pickup allows anyone to pick up a call at any phone even if the user is not at the phone that is ringing.

Hold And Mute Calls

At any time during a call, you can place the caller on hold or mute the call. While the caller is on hold, he/she will hear music until you are ready to resume the call. If you mute the caller, you will still be able to hear the caller; but the caller will not be able to hear you.

Inbound And Outbound e-Fax

Receive faxes through your email and send faxes through our web portal with Servpac’s efax service. When someone sends you a fax, you will receive an email with the fax attached as a pdf. When you need to send a fax, simply log into our web portal, upload the file, input the number, and click send.

Individual Speed Dial

You can create your own personal speed dial numbers for the contacts that are important to you. Servpac makes creating your contact list easy; plus, you can input your contacts through the web interface or on your phone. You get to choose the way that is easiest for you.

Mobile Notification

When you are away from the office and want to be notified when you receive a voicemail, Servpac can send you an email to any email enabled device, cellular phone, PDA or pager. This email lets you know the caller’s name, number, length of the voicemail, and when they called. You can then return the call without even listening to the voicemail. Talk about good customer service!

Multiple Line Appearances

With service from Servpac, you are able to have the same number appear in multiple places. For example, a secretary can have her phone ring when her boss’s phone rings. The secretary will also know which line is ringing, allowing her to answer the phone with the correct greeting. This allows people with multiple offices to have one phone number. When someone calls, telephones in every office will ring. The offices could be in different locations, different states, different time zones or even different continents.

Multi-Site Support

If you have multiple locations, Servpac offers multi-site support to each location. Simply dial the three digit extension for the individual you want to reach rather than that person’s seven digit number, regardless of the person’s location.

Operator Access From Voicemail

When callers reach your voicemail, they have the option to call the operator instead of leaving you a message, simply by pressing one button.

Page Through The Telephone

Call page allows you to make a broadcast announcement to one or more phones. Paging is often used in conjunction with call park. You can park the call, then make a page informing the recipient of the call. The same paging announcement can go to multiple sites. Telephones can be divided into page zones, so that not all phones have to hear a page.

Mobile/SMS Notification

If you want to know when someone leaves you a voicemail, you can take advantage of Servpac’s mobile (or SMS) notification service. We will send your cellular device a text and let you know in what mailbox the message was left and the caller id of the person leaving the message.

Personal Account Codes

Servpac enables you to set up account codes for employees before they make certain calls. For example, if you only want certain individuals to be able to make international calls, Servpac can set up an account code that must be entered before such a call can be made.

Real Time Call Information

With Servpac’s web interface, any user can log in and see his/her real time call information. An administrator can log in and see the call information for the entire organization.

Softphone Access

Servpac gives you the option to use free software programs that allow you to make and receive calls from your computer.

Three Party Conference

You are able to set up a three person conference at any time. Conference members can include internal and external callers.

Unified Messaging

Whenever you receive a voicemail, Servpac can email you at any email account you choose. The body of the email contains all the information about the voicemail, its length, sender’s name and number, and the time it was received. Furthermore, you have the option of receiving the voicemail as an attachment.

Visual Voicemail Via Web

Servpac’s web portal allows you to view all your voicemails on the web. You can view the caller’s id, the time the person left the message, and the duration of the message. Additionally, you can play your messages through your computer speakers.

Web-Based Phone Control

With Servpac’s web interface, you can log in and control where your phone rings. You can forward calls to your cellular phone, ring both your cellular phone and your office phone simultaneously, send all calls directly to voicemail, or have the call follow you. For example, if the call rings your office phone and if you do not answer, it will then ring your cellular phone.

Web Click-To-Dial

While searching the web, you no longer have to worry about dialing an incorrect number. Simply click the number on the web page, and your phone will begin to dial for you!

VoIP Phone Service Onboarding

No downtime during transition

No downtime during transition. As a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), we are a telephone carrier, not a reseller of another carrier. We can port numbers directly, versus relying on a third party. Before the deployment in your location, we test all of VoIP phones in our facility to make sure that all features and functionality are setup correctly.