Secure local Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is simply a way to access computer technology over the Internet.  Instead of connecting workstations to on-site servers, your workstations are connected to servers located in our local, highly secure Cloud Center.

Servpac’s affordable cloud computing eliminates the need to buy and maintain servers and storage devices; enables the quick addition of computing power; and simplifies the process, since one vendor provides Cloud Computing, high speed Internet, and VOIP business phones. Please call us today at 808-237-5000 or email us for details.

Close up of hand holding tablet with cloud network technology concept on background
Supports Windows and Linux

Supports any application capable of running on a physical machine

Includes comprehensive back-up solutions to protect your data

Offers managed network firewall services


Secure Local Cloud Center

Located one and one-half miles from the ocean, Servpac’s local Cloud Center is well protected from natural disasters.

Based on a double-walled design, the Center includes a back-up UPS and generator, a water-free fire suppression system, and automated environmental monitoring and control.

Only Servpac equipment is located in the Center, and access is strictly limited to Servpac personnel.

Guaranteed Safety

After examining the company’s financial controls and internal procedures for data security, availability, processing integrity, and privacy, the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has awarded SSAE-16 and SOC-2 certificates to Servpac indicating that the telecom provider can be trusted to provide secure, reliable outsourced technology. Servpac is the only Cloud provider in Hawaii to receive both certifications.

Technical Details

Latest Technologies

  • Hot aisle containment design
  • 30 minute run time UPS allowing weekly full generator load testing
  • Redundant 3-phase and 208V only, energy efficient power distribution
  • Super early smoke fire warning and suppression system
  • N+2 environmental control
  • RFID based environmental monitoring
  • Two barriers of entry and non-customer equipment for extra protection
  • Multiple transport entrance including 72 strand of Servpac owned dedicated fiber
  • Big data based DCIM (data center infrastructure management) system which monitors and controls the generator, ATS power distribution, AC to 45 sensors in each server monitoring fan speeds, CPU temperatures, etc.

Our Cloud Center Advantages

  • Next generation cloud platform without the traditional SAN based infrastructure
  • Horizontal scale-out for infinite scalability
  • 1+1+1 data redundancy for extra protection, resiliency, and extremely fast recovery
  • 40G Ethernet bandwidth to each server for data access; faster than any SSD drive
  • Dedicated cloud for extra security for special customers