mtp data center tier Iv expansion

 Mililani, HI (June 27, 2023) — Locally owned Servpac Inc. has commenced a significant expansion project, doubling colocation capacity at its MTP Data Center in Mililani Technology Park.

The multi-million dollar construction project is expected to finish in mid-October.

 Neither operations nor client access at MTP Data Center are in any way impacted by the expansion project.

As a locally owned company with 100% of its leadership living on Oahu, Servpac is committed to supporting other Hawaii-based organizations. InForm Design is the project architect, while engineering consulting is provided by InSynergy Engineering.

“With our investment in this expansion project, we are ensuring that our clients’ operations are never impacted,” says Richard Zheng, president and founder of Servpac.  “By adding capacity, we can provide even more local organizations access to the same high-caliber of technology. Customers can access their information faster and more securely in this best-in-class data center right in our own backyard.”


Separate plans are already in motion for Servpac to begin developing Phase 2 of MTP Data Center in the coming months. The expansion – currently in the design phase – will be built on the property’s additional 150,000 square-feet of company-owned land, providing an estimated 10 times more cabinet- and power capacity.