Servpac MTP Data Center in Midweek

MTP Data Center by Servpac is a proud Mililani business, so it’s fitting it was the cover story for the June 7, 2023, issue of MidWeek’s Central Oahu Voice. The article was titled “Mililani Data Center Revolutionizes IT.”

Founded in 2019, MTP Data Center is the largest locally owned company providing colocation and cloud computing solutions in Hawaii. It operates in a 30,000-square-foot facility in Mililani Tech Park, 850 feet above sea level. President and Founder Richard Zheng chose the site because it’s more secure: being at a high elevation means MTP Data Center is less susceptible to floods, tsunamis, rising sea levels and other factors that are causes of concern in coastal locations.

As the story notes, MTP Data Center is growing, with positions available for network engineers, network technicians, facility engineers and project managers. These are high-paying jobs that Hawaii must continue to develop to keep local youth from seeking career opportunities out of state.

Click here to read the Midweek article.