Hawaii’s high speed Internet
for less

Servpac is Hawaii’s premier high speed Internet provider. We employ fiber optics and other advanced technologies to deliver faster, more reliable, more useful connections at lower prices than any of our competitors.

Named Luhina (meaning caring in Hawaiian), this service delivers high speed bandwidth, MPLS multi-location networking, and replacement of T-1 lines for less. For example, competitors charge $400 or more per month for a T-1 line that operates at 1.5 x 1.5 Mbps. By comparison, the price of a 10 x 10 Mbps Luhina connection starts at only $99/month. Please call us today at 808-237-5000 or email us for details.

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The Luhina Difference

Designed for Business

Hawaii's businesses need high speed Internet connections for both uploading and downloading data. Luhina's exclusive symmetrical design enables customers to have equal upload and download speeds, unlike our competitors whose asymmetrical Internet services are more appropriate for residences.

Dedicated Connections

With Luhina's high speed Internet, Hawaii businesses have dedicated Internet connections and don't share bandwidth with their neighbors. By using a private network instead of the public Internet, we ensure that your Internet connections are always clear and uninterrupted.

Guaranteed Reliability

Built on a proprietary communications infrastructure with multiple safeguards, Luhina's high speed Internet ensures that Hawaii businesses always have reliable connections, even in the event of an unforeseen disaster.

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High speed MPLS

Companies with multiple locations need a secure and reliable way to connect to each other, the corporate headquarters, and the Internet.

Luhina’s advanced network, using the latest MPLS technology, is the most efficient and reliable way to provide private connectivity for multiple locations, particularly when compared to complicated and costly IPSEC.

High speed Internet buildings

Exclusive high speed Internet is now available in over 50 of Honolulu’s finest office buildings.
Here are a few examples. Check with us for a complete list.

  • Harbor Court
  • Topa Financial Center
  • Pacific Guardian Center
  • Davies Pacific Center
  • City Financial Tower
  • Cades Shutte
  • Bishop Square

  • Alakea Corp Center
  • Gold Bond
  • Bank of America Building
  • Pacific Guardian Tower
  • Pan Am Building
  • Waikiki Shopping Plaza
  • Waikiki Business Plaza

Have Questions?

Is your service cable or DSL?

Our services include fiber optic, as installed in numerous Honolulu commercial buildings, and the latest Internet technology, e.g. EFM, for business customers in non-fiber buildings.

Is Luhina a re-seller of Internet services?

No. We have our own network which is directly connected to our customers. We provide our own customers service and technical trouble-shooting.

Are your connections shared or dedicated?

Dedicated. Every customer has dedicated wires to the nearest network node. Your Internet speed is not affected by any of your neighbors.

How reliable is your service?

We guarantee 99.9% uptime and less than 10 ms latency to Internet on Island, as specified in our SLA.

We are heavy bandwidth users. Can you offer more than 10 Mbps?

Yes. Unlike our competitors, we can customize a bandwidth package to meet the specific needs of your business. Our most popular offerings include (download/upload speed):

10 / 10 Mbps, 20 /20 Mbps, 30 /30 Mbps, 20 /2 Mbps, and 10 /1 Mbps.

What is the handoff to the user?

The demarc is an ethernet jack which most routers and switches use.

Do I need a special router to use your service?

No. You don’t need a T – 1 router or other expensive equipment to connect to our circuit.

How much downtime is required to cut over to your service?

We always activate and test new service ahead of time, so that you can switch services at a time most convenient to you.

Do you offer firewall protection for our network infrastructure?

Yes. We provide optional firewall services at a nominal cost.

Are your IP addresses static or dynamic?

All of our IP addresses are static.

Is your Internet access open and unfiltered?

Yes. We do not block any traffic.

Do you offer free, around-the-clock customer service?

Of course! At no cost to you, our trained engineers, located in Honolulu, are available on a 24x7x365 basis should you have any questions or problems. We are here for you!