As of March 13, 2020, COVID-19 is declared a national emergency by the federal government. This is an ongoing situation worldwide, and Servpac is taking the necessary steps to protect employees and ensure operations. Safety is a top priority for our customers and staff, and we’ve already taken on-site precautions such as cleaning of equipment and common areas, installing hand sanitizer stations, and encouraging staff members to stay home if sick.

Since companies are implementing remote policies to prevent the spread of this new illness, we’re committed to supporting all of our customers during this challenging time. If an outbreak occurs in Hawaii, we will continue operations with employees working remotely. Our support team will be available 24×7 for service assistance and remote work inquiries including: 

  • Phone Setup – IP phones can be used outside the office. Our phones utilize “plug and play” for easy use, but some require more time for set-up. If you need help with set-up, click here to schedule an appointment with our support team.
  • Remote Access – Employees will need special tools to access their work from home for an extended period of time. Our support staff can help you make sure all VPNs, VDIs, softphones or other remote tools are configured for employee use.
  • On-Site Service – While our physical office will be closed, our technicians will still be in the field and available for emergency on-site visits.

Servpac will continue to monitor the situation globally with COVID-19 and its impacts on Hawaii. We will inform our customers of any updates or changes to our service. Please call 808-237-5000 or contact our support team for assistance.