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Today’s workforce is more mobile and global than ever. Many businesses, regardless of size, have employees based in many locations – whether it’s across town or in another country. Employees are traveling more from their office and doing work from cafes or other locations – sometimes accessing public wi-fi with their own personal devices.

If these apply to your business, or use their own personal devices for work, Remote Access VPNs are a valuable resource that offers a secure, reliable connection to provide them with a secure, reliable way to connect to your company’s computer systems.

What is a VPN?

VPNs are Virtual Private Networks that allow businesses to set up private access to a remote network. VPNs were first developed in the 1990s to offer access for remote workers in large tech companies, and now the technology is widely available for all types of business and consumers.

Remote Access VPN works by connecting users to private networks from a remote location using a laptop, desktop or mobile device using the internet, thus establishing a secure connection remotely. All your internet traffic is routed through an encrypted virtual tunnel, creating a secure and private channel that can be accessed 24×7.

When Should Businesses Use VPN?

You should use remote access VPNs if your business has remote workforce where employees travel often or work from home, using public networks and devices that might not be secure.

With a few clicks, VPNs offer these remote employees a secure portal to access their business’s network and get the files they need to get the job done. VPNs are no longer about remote connection and now offer so many advantages for businesses and their employees to succeed.

VPN Benefits

1. Remote Access to Information Anytime

Regardless of location, VPNs can be used by employees anytime and anywhere, as long as there’s internet and an approved device being used.

2. Data Security

Using a VPN keeps your business, employees, and valuable client data off public networks.

3. Access to Blocked Websites

If you have employees traveling internationally, replacing your IP address with your VPN could be a necessity in countries with restricted access to sites.

4. Affordable for Business

VPNs are surprisingly affordable for businesses and their advanced features offer a major bang for their buck.

5. Boost Productivity

Easy 24×7 access to a secure network helps employees get their work done faster and collaborate by sharing files through a private network.

6. Better Work Life Balance

Employees no longer need to spend hours stuck in traffic or take time off for emergencies. Remote work from VPNs create more flexible work hours where employees are happier and have a greater sense of control and ownership over their own lives.


Implementing a remote access VPN is an easy and secure solution for businesses to safeguard their employees and data. If your business decides to use one, it’s important to establish a long term on-boarding plan where all your employees know how to use and understand the benefits. For more information about VPNs and how you can use it for your business, call us at  (808)237-5000 or request consultation for more info.

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