MILILANI, HI, September, 21, 2021 – Today, Servpac Inc., Hawaii’s Cloud Solution, announced the Phase 1 completion of their solar farm construction.  The company’s 30,000 sq ft MTP Data Center, which officially opened its doors last summer, is now equipped with more than 500 solar panels atop its roof.

The addition of solar makes MTP Data Center the only data facility in Hawaii to have its own dedicated sustainable energy source.  The solar farm is estimated to produce approximately 1 megawatt-hour of power per day which in turn helps avoid emitting more than 1600 lbs of carbon into the atmosphere.  With Hawaii ranking as one of most expensive States in the country for energy cost, it also significantly helps save on operational expenses which can then be passed through to customers.  

Richard Zheng, President of Servpac states, “Data centers consume a high volume of energy, accounting for 1% of energy consumption worldwide. We want to make sure we do everything we can to reduce our carbon footprint.”  He goes on to say, “Our efforts to produce more sustainable energy is something we know our customers appreciate and we are committed to continuing to invest in green energy. Future plans to expand our solar farm is already in the works.  ”    

Servpac’s efforts to create and support more sustainable energy has been an ongoing effort.  Other energy efficient features found at MTP Data Center include: 

  • Hot aisle containment design delivering 20-25% energy savings
  • High efficiency electric equipment for more efficient power distribution 
  • Electric vehicle charging stations.  


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MTP Data Center Solar