Technology has changed the modern workplace. Decades ago, working remotely was a completely foreign concept to businesses. It usually involved commuting to an office space and working at a desk for a daily period of time. Now, the situation has changed and many businesses have remote employees based around the world. These employees have the flexibility to work from anywhere and enjoy the perks of making their own schedule and being more productive. Remote work isn’t just another passing office trend, and expect more businesses to use them in the future.

There are lots of benefits from working remotely, but there’s also the trade-off of less human connection and feeling left out of a team. Businesses have to connect differently with their remote workforce, and technology now provide various solutions to collaborate and motivate them. Here’s a few ways that businesses can use technology to connect and make these employees not feel so “remote” from their teams.

Messaging Tools


We know what you’re thinking. What about sending e-mails? No, emailing and waiting for a response won’t cut it. You need to actually interact with your remote workforce and connect them to the rest of the team with the latest messaging technology. Tools such as Slack help your remote workers interact, ask questions, share what’s going on in their lives with other team members instantly. It’s just like an office where employees can communicate and share in real time, helping form better relationships and working together faster on the latest projects.

VoIP Phones


With remote workers, you have to be more creative and innovative when it comes to communication. Regardless of location, Cloud-hosted VoIP phone systems offer accessibility anytime and anywhere for workers to transfer calls and take them from their mobile phones.

Remote Desktop Access

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Workers are traveling more than ever and might have a hard time accessing important files or software from an office computer – disrupting their productivity and workflow. Remote Access VPNs solves the dilemma and offers access to office computers through a secure connection. Remote workers can continue working on their important projects and files without any interruptions.

Collaborate in the Cloud


Employees have to be on the same page and work together to complete documents, presentations, and other major projects. Businesses need to use collaboration tools that help employees assign tasks and contribute to projects instantly. Free Cloud-based tools such as Google Docs and Sheets even offer real-time editing and commenting among employees.

Video Messaging


Face-to-face interaction is key for more meaningful connections with remote workers. Since they can’t come into the office, businesses can conduct video meetings with tools such as Skype and Zoom that offer valuable face time and helps them form better relationships with their co-workers. When it comes to a meeting, video conferencing helps remote workers feel more included and opinions heard.


Making sure your remote workers feel a part of the team is integral to your business’s success. Employees, regardless of location, need to be connected in order to complete projects and produce quality work, and it’s now easier than ever to do with the latest tools and technology. If you have any questions about tContact us today at 808-237-5000 or request consultation below to learn how we can help provide a better connect to your remote workforce.

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