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How a Hawaii-based healthcare provider chose to invest in their business and grow their IT operations with Servpac.

The Challenge

Fertility Institute of Hawaii (FIH) in Honolulu, Hawaii, outgrew their former IT provider. They began seeing more patients and expanding their current patient load with patients both locally and internationally, thus creating demand for faster customer support that their provider couldn’t handle. All support calls were rerouted to a general call center with very slow response and issue resolution times creating a lack of cohesive follow-through and taking valuable time away from patient care and operations.

FIH knew to upgrade their managed services solution because of the slow customer support and response times. They needed a partner to manage their entire IT infrastructure, resolve issues quickly, and offer dedicated customer support.

Why Servpac

After careful review, FIH selected Servpac for its strengths in service implementation and dedicated customer support. Servpac managed FIH’s VoIP Business Phone and Fiber Internet services since 2014, making them a top choice. Servpac’s positive relationship with FIH and understanding of long term goals offered a seamless transition from their previous provider.

“Servpac already understood our care center environment,” explains Robyn Washousky, Marketing and Business Manager at FIH. “Installing equipment in a healthcare facility requires special attention to patient safety and comfort, so they were very flexible and accommodating with installation and implementation outside of peak office hours.”

Solutions Approach

In May 2019, Servpac worked with FIH to deliver a scalable and proactive network solution for their two offices. They installed five switches and four wi-fi access points, including cutover to Servpac’s firewall and management of FIH’s on-site virtual environment. The customized solution offers a fully managed, HIPAA compliant IT infrastructure with 24/7 remote monitoring, disaster backup, and proactive updates for guaranteed uptime – all on a fixed monthly fee.

Servpac assigned a dedicated customer success manager to FIH for service installation, implementation, and issue resolution. This single point of contact handles day-to-day management and network maintenance, helping FIH’s staff fully focus on their patients and operations. “The difference with Servpac is night and day,” explains Washousky, “we never worry about our network because Servpac and Cathy (Customer Success Manager) are always there to help us resolve our issues.”


Servpac’s solution delivered the following results:

  • 50% less time spent on IT tasks and troubleshooting
  • 87% increase in IT issue response time

About FIH

Fertility Institute of Hawaii, based in Honolulu, provides reproductive endocrinology, infertility and gynecologic services. They currently operate two fertility clinics on Oahu with comprehensive medical services that include state-of-the-art reproductive endocrinology, infertility, and gynecologic technologies. Their focus is offering the best possible medical outcomes and physical, emotional, and financial resources for patients.