Business networks are becoming increasingly complex.  IT departments either lack the in-house expertise to properly manage and architect their networks or are already stretched so thin that they do not have the capacity to oversee the ongoing maintenance. 

As a result, many businesses are turning to Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to manage their networks.

Here are 5 benefits of Enterprise Managed Networks:

1. Enhanced Network Security

The biggest threat to a mismanaged network is cyber-attacks.  Network security requires skilled personnel to develop and implement a strategic strategy that covers all areas of network traffic.  MSPs implement strategic safeguards and process configurations to protect data within the network.  This is increasingly important as more businesses are turning to multi-cloud computing and cloud application strategies.

2. Increased Business Continuity

Network uptime and data loss prevention is critical to businesses.  MSPs can utilize multiple high-quality internet carriers within an MPLS or SD-WAN network.  Multiple carriers provide a fallback option in the event your primary carrier goes down.  In addition, MSPs will help businesses develop and implement ongoing data backup systems to prevent data loss.

 3. Higher Quality of Service

Nobody likes a slow network, especially businesses like banks and hospitals that need access to information right away.  Utilizing SD-WAN networks, MSPs can prioritize mission-critical data over other traffic and can separate VoIP traffic to ensure quality of voice.

4. More Efficient Resource Management

Leaning on the expertise of an MSP can enable your IT department to focus on other critical operations and business support.  Finding the right skills and expertise to properly manage your network can be challenging, especially for Hawaii businesses where IT resources are scarce.

 5. Proactive Maintenance & Issue Prevention

MSPs offer real time monitoring of your network, ensure all hardware and license upgrades are taken care of and provide insight into network traffic stats.  All of this information can greatly impact the efficiency of your network and can help prevent future issues from arising.  

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