Earthquakes, hurricanes & floods, oh my! In an instant, disaster can strike businesses and make their worst nightmares a reality. They need to prepare for the worst case scenario and develop a disaster recovery plan, especially when it comes to their work environment.

So what happens if disaster actually strikes your office? Your business will need a solid, alternate office area where employees can continue operations with access to phone, internet, and other important applications. Having a disaster recovery office space is vital for any effective plan and protect your business from financial ruin. Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a DR site for your business.

Benefits of Disaster Recovery Offices

Business Continuity


Downtime is always a bad time for business operations. If an incident occurs at your office space, every minute of downtime could cause irreversible damage to a company’s profits, performance, and reputation. Having a disaster recovery office makes sure your business always stays up and running. Your employees can continue working together in a safe, stable location and resume operations without customers noticing a difference.

Redundant Infrastructure

In a 24/7 world, connection is the lifeline for business. Even if the physical office isn’t completely destroyed from a disaster, loss of power and internet connection is just as detrimental to operations. Disaster recovery offices include fully redundant infrastructures for self-sufficiency and immunity from local power outages. DR sites usually include dual power systems with multiple generators, UPS, and distribution systems for little to no downtime and zero data loss for businesses. For network connection, DR sites also offer state-of-the-art firewalls with IP-based whitelisting for controlling network access to key employees.

Safe Location


A major mistake businesses make in their disaster recovery plan, especially in Hawaii, is choosing a nearby backup location. While it offers convenience, a close location might be subjected to the same disasters as your main office space. Disaster recovery sites are located in areas offering natural protection but reachable within driving distance. This means if disaster strikes the office, employees should be able to travel there as soon as possible. DR sites are ideally located inland and away from major tsunami and flood zones, offering natural safety and security for your operations.

Advanced Security


If disaster strikes your office, this makes your employees, equipment, and data susceptible to outside influences. Disaster Recovery sites not only offer natural protection, but state-of-the-art security and monitoring to keep your employees and operations safe. DR sites offer multiple security layers to prevent unauthorized access with strict control procedures that involve key cards, man traps, alarms and CCTV camera surveillance. They also provide additional layers of human security with guards, patrols, and managed visitor logs.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance is extremely important for government, financial, and health-focused businesses that are handling important customer data. Even during times of disaster, any downtime or loss of data can lead to soiled reputations and major compliance violations. Disaster Recovery sites are built with environments and networks that promote compliance with HIPAA, SOC 2, and SSAE 18, and other regulations.


Disaster can happen anytime for businesses. To avoid potential losses, businesses need to find a disaster recovery office that keeps their operations up and running. Servpac, Hawaii’s Largest Local Provider, now offers DR office space for local businesses that meets their needs. Our brand new carrier-neutral facility offers move-in ready office space that allows your team to get down to business and resume operations immediately. Located in Mililani Tech Park, the site is located 850 feet above sea level and outside of major flood and tsunami zones. The facility includes multi-layered security access, 24x7x365 monitoring, and parking for visitors.

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