Customer Forms

Authorization Letters


Letter of Authorization

Letter of Authorization is required for Servpac to request the transfer of your current telephone numbers from your previous provider.


Toll Free RespOrg Change Authorization

Toll Free RespOrg Change Authorization (LOA) is required for customers to transfer toll-free numbers from their previous provider.

New Customer Forms


Business Information

The information in this form is required to begin your new phone setup. It includes a listing of your current employee information as well as enhanced 911 options.


Call Flow Description

Call Flow is a roadmap for how incoming calls are received. Please take the time to complete the information in order to explain how your company wants to control incoming calls.


Auto Attendant Script

Servpac offers an Auto Attendant feature to handle incoming calls. To utilize this helpful feature, please complete this form.

Additional Resources

Contacts & Escalations

A list of your key support contacts and escalation points.

Customer Cutover Process

Process diagram of transitioning your phone service from your previous carrier to Servpac.