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Virtualize your Enterprise
with Servpac


Virtualizing your enterprise simply means treating technology like a utility. You don’t need your own generator to have electricity. You just plug into the grid.

With Servpac’s “virtual” solution, you don’t need your own phone system, computer servers, or storage devices.  Just plug into our private network for phone service, computing power, and UltraFAST Internet connections.


VOIP Phones

Servpac’s VOIP (voice-over-Internet protocol) service enables businesses to access telephone service through the Internet. Calls are routed through Servpac’s proprietary network, providing clear, reliable connections for a low monthly fee. There’s no phone equipment to buy, maintain, or move. Servpac does it all!


UltraFast Internet

Servpac’s UltraFAST Internet service, called Luhina, uses fiber optics and other advanced technologies to deliver faster, more reliable, Internet connections at lower prices than any of its competitors. Guaranteed!


Cloud Services

Cloud computing is simply a way to access computer technology over the Internet.  Instead of connecting workstations to on-site servers, your workstations are connected to servers located in our local, highly secure Cloud Center.

Servpac News

  • Servpac’s has always employed resilient firewall technology as part of its Cloud Computing service in order to prevent viruses and other dangerous Internet predators from damaging customer data. Now the company has added a new component to its manage

  • Servpac, Hawaii’s most innovative telecom, now employs roof-top solar power for a significant portion of its electrical needs. “We’re committed to providing the best technology,” said Richard Zheng, the company’s Preside

  • Richard Zheng, President and Founder of Servpac, Hawaii’s largest independent telecom, was a featured panelist at the 2016 Technology Table of Experts sponsored by Pacific Business News.  Discussion topics included Cloud Computing, cyber security, an