Hawaii’s largest independent telecom

Servpac is Hawaii’s largest independent telecom. Privately held and locally based, we have been delivering next generation telephone, Internet, and Cloud solutions for Hawaii’s businesses since 2004. We specialize in integrating VOIP business phones, high speed Internet, and secure Cloud Computing into a single, seamless platform, enabling our customers to compete more cost effectively in the global marketplace. Because we’re local, we understand the unique challenges of providing first class telecom services throughout the Islands. Because we’re the largest independent telecommunications company in the State, we have the size and capability to bring the latest telecom technology to enterprises of any size. Please call us today at 808-237-5000 or email us for details.  


We don’t expect you to know the latest phone, Internet, and Cloud technologies.  That’s our job.  It’s also our job to explain technology in terms you can understand and appreciate: How it works. How it can help you.  We know you’re looking for solutions, not the hottest fad. We’re smart for you.

They say that most technology is easy to use if you know how and impossible if you don’t. That’s why we always have experts ready to answer questions and explain the details.  Nights?  Weekends?  Holidays? We’re only a phone call away. We always want to be helpful. 

We’re always looking for better ways – faster, more efficient, less expensive ways – to achieve better outcomes. You can count on us to be thinking 10 steps ahead so that your business always stays head. Our commitment to innovation distinguishes us from all the rest. 

Entrepreneur Richard Zheng is the President of Servpac Inc, the largest independent local telecom provider in Hawaii.  After being educated in China and receiving extensive telecom training and experience in Canada, Richard moved to Hawaii in 2001. Three years later, he founded Servpac, one of the first companies to compete with Hawaii’s telecom establishment. 

Since that time, his company has grown from a two-person start-up to a multi-million-dollar enterprise deploying over ten thousand phones, powering a private Internet network in hundreds of office buildings, and delivering secure, local Cloud Computing services from the most advanced facility of its kind in the State. While other local telecom providers have filed for bankruptcy or been absorbed by others, Richard’s relentless innovation has enabled Servpac to thrive by lowering costs and increasing efficiency for over a thousand small and medium-sized businesses including Zippys, City Mill, and Roberts Hawaii. Smart, helpful, and innovative have been the key to Servpac’s success. 


Richard Zheng / CEO