Hawaii’s best telecom

Servpac is Hawaii’s best telecom offering full-featured VOIP business phones customized to your needs.  Your calls are always clear and reliable because we’re the only VOIP provider in Hawaii with its own Internet and phone system. 

Unlike most VOIP vendors, Servpac’s phone and Internet network is based on redundant data centers ensuring that services are uninterrupted in the event of an unforeseen disaster.  

There is no expensive phone equipment to buy, maintain, or move. Servpac handles everything. Please call us today at 808-237-5000 or email us for details.

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Servpac is Hawaii’s best telecom delivering faster, more reliable Internet connections at lower prices through a proprietary network of fiber optics and other advanced technologies. 

Available throughout the Islands, our solutions include UltraFAST bandwidth, MPLS networking, and replacement of legacy T-1 lines. Each customer has a dedicated connection on a proprietary network, Our unique symetrical design enables high speed uploading and downloading. Please call us today at 808-237-5000 or email us for details.  

Servpac is Hawaii’s best telecom providing secure, cost-saving Cloud Computing services from its local, next-generation Cloud Center. Customers save time and money by connecting their workstations via the Internet to our remote servers.

Supporting Windows, Linux, and practically any application, the Servpac Cloud eliminates the need to buy and maintain physical servers and storage devices. Virtualization also enables the quick addition of computing power; and simplifies the process, since one vendor provides Cloud, Internet, and phone services. Please call us today at 808-237-5000 or email us for details.

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