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Hawaii’s Best Data Center Colocation

Servpac, Hawaii’s Largest Local Provider, now offers the largest and most advanced data center in Hawaii. This Tier 4 facility offers reliable, secure, and flexible solutions for businesses wanting to expand their servers and networks when needed. Servpac offers colocation services ranging from single cabinets to private suites, all managed by experienced staff 24x7x365. We’ve got everything you need to take care of your IT infrastructure needs and deliver the best data center for your business.

Managed Network Services Provider

Data Center Location

Located 850 feet above sea level and 10 miles inland, this naturally secure location offers hurricane protection and located outside of major flood and tsunami evacuation zones. 

Located in Mililani Tech Park, the data center offers easy access to Downtown Honolulu and airport via H-1 and H-2 freeways.

Data Center Facility

Servpac’s data center offers room for businesses to grow their colocation needs.

The facility is 30,000 sq. ft. and includes 150,000 sq ft additional expansion space, making it the largest data center in Hawaii. The data center can accommodate up to 250 cabinets/cages and offers 24x7 secure access for authorized personnel.  

Additional office space is available for disaster recovery, storage, and staging if needed.

Managed Network Services Provider

Colocation Options

Servpac’s large facility offers a wide range of colocation options for business regardless of size or industry. 

No hardware to manage


Standard options include secure combination locks and cooling capacity up to 10kW.



Data center security cages including combination locks and cooling capacity up to 10kW.

Full solution


Custom designed suites for customers seeking a higher level of privacy and security.

Colocation Benefits

No hardware to manage

Security & Monitoring

Secure access controlled by cameras and secured key entry. IT and security staff monitor the premises 24x7x365. 


Carrier Neutral

Multiple fiber entrances in the building and access to wide range of major bandwidth providers.

Full solution

2N Redundancy

Dual power systems with multiple generators, ATS, UPS, distribution systems. Two chilled water loop cooling systems.

Remote Hands

Remote Hands

Our on-site technicians are available 24x7 for your data management and maintenance tasks.

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